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The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) is a well-established mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), with the overall vision of sustainable and inclusive economic growth and integration of SIPPO partner countries into world trade, through its mission of supporting Business Support Organizations (so called BSOs - which includes public or private associations, chambers of commerce, export promotion agencies, among others) to increase their export promotion capacity and service provision to export-ready companies. As of 2017, SIPPO is implemented by Swisscontact, in partnership with BHP Brugger and Partners and Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.

We work directly with Business Support Organisations (BSOs), including promotion boards and sector-wide associations, to support the expansion and quality of their export promotion services to their members and clients. Through the BSOs, export-ready companies gain access to customised export services such as market intelligence, capacity-building, networking and matchmaking.

Through SIPPO’s network of international and national experts, the programme aims at supporting BSOs to increase their export promotion capacity and service provision to export-ready companies. The programme is a powerful tool in promoting sustainable trade in 11 countries and 6 sectors: Fish& Seafood, Processed Foods, Natural Ingredients, Technical Wood, Value-added Textiles and Sustainable Tourism.

SIPPO supports BSOs through tailor-made capacity building in two areas: 
1) Improving BSO Market entry activities 
through capacity building in market intelligence, trade fair participation, selling missions, buyer missions and study tours, and

2) Institutional Strengthening of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) 
through Strategic planning and positioning, Project Cycle Management and Knowledge sharing and learning.

BSOs are capacitated at their own speed and ownership is placed entirely in the hands of the service provider: BSOs who want to explore and improve access to new markets and opportunities for their export-ready companies to undertake these “last mile services” activities.

SIPPO thereby enhances BSO member companies’ performances in export and thus contributes to increased income and more and better jobs.

SIPPO programme will assist Albanian BSOs to empower export companies in three key economic development sectors - Value-added Textile, Sustainable Tourism and Natural Ingredients. Export-ready companies gain access to customized export services through BSOs, such as market intelligence, networking and matchmaking as well as capacity building. SIPPO works in close cooperation with other international organizations that have similar mandate, such as Netherlands Centre for Promotion of Imports from the developing countries (CBI), German Imports Promotion Desk (IPD) or Import Information Hub Austria (IHA).

Sustainable cooperation and technical assistance will improve the reputation of Albanian BSOs and their member companies to export Albanian products and services.

SIPPO Code of Conduct

Our services - your opportunity

Business Support Organizations open the doors to world trade through their services to exporters.

We support BSOs to improve their services for exporting companies, and to strengthen their own institutional set-up, as well as connect them to an extensive network.


In our partner countries, we build the capacities of Business Support Organizations (BSOs), such as export promotion boards and sector-wide associations. We will support them so that they can provide high-quality services to their client companies and members in the areas of market intelligence, B2B matchmaking, and networking. In this way, we give assistance to embed export promotion within national structures of our partner countries while supporting reliable sources for your benefit.

SIPPO works with partners that are committed to the sustainable trade of goods and services, i.e. socially responsible and environmentally friendly, in accordance with our Code of Conduct.


Learn to define your role in export promotion within your sector and country through a strategic and focused approach. 


Learn how to access, share and update knowledge and information to build your activities on the existing knowledge and experience. Profit from our large network of contacts. We facilitate networking events and invite to conferences and workshops.


We help you assess, and provide tools for, your project and performance management.


Learn which markets to target and how to connect your companies with suppliers, through the organization of trade fair participations, selling and buyer missions, study tours, and combining them with on-site visits.

Our team - your contact

We work together with partner organizations in a team, sharing knowledge and success.

The SIPPO local team brings practical experience in exports development and promotion to ensure interventions’ effectiveness, to build capacities of partner organizations and create sustainable value for companies.

Vasil Kolezi

Export Promotion Manager

Natalija Puntevska

Regional Representative


SIPPO supports three key sectors showing a competitive advantage and growth trend.

The Albanian economy has a solid GDP growth, hence strengthening local BSOs will ensure a solid growth in Exports as well. Garment manufacturing, Tourism and Natural Ingredients sectors represent an important share of exports income and employment.

Natural Ingredients

There is a growing global demand for nutrition, beauty and medicinal products, produced using high quality natural ingredients to meet the required standards and needs.
Climate and soil conditions in Albania are ideal for bio-organic production of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP). SIPPO is empowering its partner BSOs to improve export promotion of these products and address them to effective channels to reach international buyers.

Sustainable Tourism

Foreign tourists in Albania are very interested in archaeological heritage, unspoiled beaches, mountainous topography, delicious Albanian cuisine, unique traditions and hospitality and the wild and peculiar atmosphere of the countryside. SIPPO will empower responsible tourism BSOs to promote Albania and its most compelling values in sustainable tourism, aiming to sustainably connect local providers with international ones.

Value-added textiles

Albania offers a highly favorable economic environment in garment manufacturing sector, which is reflected in sectors strong contribution to overall Albanian exports as the leading industry for many years. Albanian textiles are of medium to high-end quality with flexible production and very attractive prices; these export-ready and specialized manufacturers are reachable in only 2-3 flight hours from most European countries.

Partner BSOs

SIPPO is currently identifying future partner BSOs to cooperate with in the relevant export sectors. We foster sophisticated services for export-ready companies.

Together with the UN body of the International Trade Center ITC (, export promotion boards and sector associations were assessed in 2017 to identify the potential for improvements in their export promotion services. This involves interviews related to BSOs export promotion services, organizational structures, quality management and performance management, as well as export and sector strategies.

Below you can find profiles of our partner BSOs in Albania.

Albanian National Tourism Agency

National Tourism Agency (NTA) is a public BSO, which implements governmental tourism strategies in developing tourism market, promote Albania as tourism destination in close collaboration with private sector. (

Albanian Investment Development Agency

Albanian Investment Development Agency (AIDA) is a public agency, which promotes foreign investments and exports in Albania by implementing government policies and strategies aiming to enhance private sector internationalization.

Association of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants

Association of Medicinal and Aromatic plants (AMAP) is an active private sector association of exporting companies, processors, collectors and cultivators, which advocates the MAPs sector and supports the development of this industry in Albania.


In collaboration with its partners, SIPPO organises appropriate international events. Check this section regularly and register for tailor-made matchmaking and networking activities.

Study tours, business meetings among the customers and suppliers, trainings for fair presentations, workshops around the efficient approach to the export markets and much more to enable companies to enhance their business export skills.